We believe that the best way to achieve SDN’s vision of the world and our intended strategic outcomes for children is for us to use an integrated approach in everything we do.

An integrated approach means that we start from what matters for children and their families, and we plan from there. We are person-centred. It also means that we see our organisation as part of a wider community network of support for children and families. We are place-based. There is evidence that better outcomes are achieved for children and families when services and organisations operate in this way.

At SDN we call our integrated approach our Pathways Approach.

Our approach assumes that all people and activities working for and on behalf of SDN have a shared responsibility for children’s wellbeing; and directly or indirectly influence the outcomes for children.

We have one Pathways attitude, four Pathways concepts and five Pathways practices

What we think – our underlying Pathways attitude
Based on our values and philosophy, and our place in a wider community network of services, we will be fully ‘present’ in every interaction and encounter. To do this we think that the interaction we are having may be the ‘first time, the only time or the last time’ that we have an opportunity to listen and connect.

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What we know - Pathways Approach

Four concepts underpinining our Pathways Approach

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What we do - Five Pathways Practices

Five practices of integrating services

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