Do your goals for your child include:

  • Following simple instructions
  • Using cutlery, or eating independently
  • Getting themselves to sleep independently at night
  • Dressing or undressing themselves
  • Getting themselves ready for school in the morning
  • Developing the social skills they will need every day to interact with others?

SDN can support you, your family and your child to make these goals a reality.

Your child is unique and will have unique goals, strengths and weaknesses. So our professional staff start by getting to know your child, building up a picture of their strengths and the things they need to develop in order to meet their goals.

We then break down your goals into simple steps and work with your child’s strengths and interests to encourage their development.

Therapists can work in the places where your child lives, learns and plays so that the skills they learn in therapy are reinforced in your everyday life.

Because our therapists work in a transdisciplinary team, you have access to the type of support your child will need, as they need it. We will make the most of SDN’s diverse team of professional occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists and early childhood specialists, utilising their specialist expertise when your child needs it most.

Some of the areas we might work on include:

  • Developing the fine motor skills such as finger strength,dexterity and hand skills that are needed for activities like as brushing teeth, opening lunch boxes, tying shoelaces, doing up buttons
  • Building gross motor skills that will help your child with everyday activities like getting on and off the toilet and standing to dress
  • Breaking down bigger activities like going to the toilet, or packing and unpacking a school bag into step by step processes and assisting your child to understand these steps through the use of visuals, behaviour modelling, or other therapy tools.
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