Giving your child confidence to try something new

We can support your child transition into a new phase of life. This could be extra-curricular activities like swimming lessons, music classes, joining a sporting team, or maybe a life transition such as moving house or welcoming a new brother or sister and many more.

Every child will have different things they need to learn. One child may need to learn to feel comfortable around their new team mates, another child may need support focusing and following instruction, while another child may need help feeling safe in a new, unfamiliar environment.

For example, we can help with:

  • getting dressed for a new activity
  • communicating with new people
  • focusing on a task
  • breaking the new task into step-by-step instructions
  • feeling confident to ask questions about the new activity
  • connecting you with other children who are interested in the same activity
  • helping your child’s coach or teacher to know how to best include your child in an activity

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Mia’s Story 

Mia is 5 and she’s the youngest of three children. Mia was diagnosed with autism and her mum, Katrina, came to us for support with helping Mia transition into swimming classes.

The whole family loves the pool and they spend a lot of time there together as a family. When Mia arrives at the pool, however, she becomes very distressed and doesn’t even want to get out of the car.

Katrina wants to take Mia to swimming classes so she can become comfortable near the water and eventually learn to swim.

The first step the key worker took was to sit down with Katrina to discuss some medium and long term goals for Mia and together they made a plan.

The key worker developed a social story about going to the pool to make it seem less scary and also attended swimming classes with Mia and Katrina. Reading the story meant that Mia would know what to expect at the pool and would feel safer. They found that Mia responded well when the lessons were broken down into step-by-step instructions that she could follow exactly as described in the story.

Over time, Mia has become more comfortable getting out of the car and her new goal is to get into the water. Katrina says it’s made her life a lot easier and she’s looking forward to all of her children swimming together one day.

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