Key Word Sign at SDN Paddington

Our Friend Isabelle

Child reading a book and using key signing

Isabelle is 3.  She loves listening to music and dancing, playing outdoors on the swing, reading stories, and playing with dolls.  Isabelle shares many common interests with her peers, and yet she is different. Isabelle communicates using a combination of Key Word Sign and verbal communication.

As Isabelle’s educators, we learnt Key Word Sign in order to communicate with Isabelle. We further taught Key Word Sign to all of Isabelle’s peers, by signing during everyday routines, and whilst singing favourite songs.

We found the benefits of signing to be immense.  Not only does signing benefit all children, particularly those learning to communicate verbally; but it also promotes a sense of inclusion within the room, as Isabelle’s comprehension is enhanced and peers are exposed to a different way of communicating. 

Now Key Word Sign has become second nature to us all, with educators using signs amongst each other to communicate.  Families have even informed us that their children have used signs at home! 

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