Stages of play

Play is central to the way children learn and develop.  

Children’s play changes as they develop. Here are the stages to watch for at as your child grows and develops.

  1. Exploration play – Like splashing in a bath tub, or shaking an object.
  2. Cause and effect play – testing how the child’s actions create a response, like hitting a button to play music
  3. Functional play- during this stage children will explore objects and start using them as they were intended to be used.
  4. Construction play – building towers from blocks, drawing a picture or completing a jigsaw puzzle
  5. Physical play – like chasing and hide and seek or using playground equipment
  6. Pretend play – like dress ups or houses – this is often cooperative play which involves setting and following rules.

At SDN Children’s Services play is central to our curriculum because we know that play provides opportunities to learn, discover, create, improvise, build confidence and express feelings.

Two children playing with buckets

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