SDN Northern Suburbs Centre Director Carol Soleymanbik
I began my career as an early childhood teacher after graduating from university with a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education). When I had the opportunity to work for SDN I grabbed it with both hands.  I have been the director at SDN Northern Suburbs in since August 2005.

I believe that building and maintaining strong relationships is crucial to our work with children and families. What I love the most about working in early education and care is that these relationships can be built and maintained over a long period of time as families usually stay in within our community until their child goes to school.  

At SDN Northern Suburbs we have staff from many different backgrounds and a good balance of long-standing and new staff who work respectfully together to make our centre a home for children and families. Together we have built a sense of welcome and calm that is apparent as soon as you walk through the front doors of our centre. 

I’ve had a lot of fantastic experiences at SDN Northern Suburbs, but my most memorable occurred a few years ago on an excursion with a group of preschool children to see Angelina Ballerina at the State Theatre. The excursion took place because children were very interested in ballet at the time. I remember their excitement leading up to the excursion, and the joy and appreciation of the performance during and after the excursion.


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