Being a parent can be challenging

Parenting can be challenging. Every parent is strong in some areas, and struggles in others.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you and your family have been experiencing a lot of challenges. These challenges could be a disability, mental health issues, drug and alcohol misuse or family violence. There may also have been a risk of significant harm report made about your child. Our job is to work alongside you to help minimise the impact that these challenges are having on your child and your family.

Like you, we want the best for your child

SDN Children’s Services has been looking after the wellbeing of Australian children for more than 100 years. Your child is important to us, and we make sure that we hear your child’s voice. We know that in order to thrive, children need strong families, so we work with you so that no matter what your situation, you can do the best for your child.

We work with your strengths

We know from research that the most important thing we can do for the wellbeing of your child is to strengthen the connection that you have with them.  We start with the belief that you know your child best and work alongside you to bring out your strengths as a parent. We also connect you with the supports that are available in your community so the changes you make will carry on into the future.

When you join SDN’s Brighter Futures we will support you to recognise and develop your strengths as a parent, so that you can focus on becoming the best parent you can be.

What we expect from you

When we first meet you we will do a series of assessments to:

  • identify what is working well for you
  • understand your challenges
  • plan where you would like to get to and what we need to do to support you to get there.

Once you agree to work with us (we call this signing on to the Brighter Futures program) we will work with you to create a unique program that has goals for your family that we will work towards together and that meets your needs.

The program will include strengthening your parenting skills through attachment-based parenting programs, which could be delivered one-to-one or in a group. Throughout the program your first priority will always be to keep your children safe from harm. We will support you with this.

A short term program

Brighter Futures is a short term program. We work with families for an average of 12 months and up to 18 months. During this time we will work with you to strengthen your support network so when you exit the program your family is adequately supported and you can continue to keep your children safe.

Why work with us?

The staff at SDN Brighter Futures are specialists on childrens’ wellbeing. We work in teams of professionals and draw on the whole team’s expertise to support and develop your parenting in order to enhance the wellbeing of your child.


More information for Brighter Futures referrers is available here

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