SDN Riverwood is a 60-place centre offering early childhood education and child care for a diverse community of children and families in western Sydney.

Our team of qualified educators come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and many are bilingual. Staff support the many different home languages and cultures of children who attend our centre, while also helping them to develop English language skills and encouraging an understanding of other cultures.

The spacious, well-equipped centre is a place for your child to explore, discover and learn about the world they live in. The Riverwood community also provides a positive learning environment and we often take the children to visit the library and local parks, and together we celebrate cultural events such as the Lunar New Year. We have an ongoing commitment to improving the quality of life for children and their families, and we keep this commitment at the forefront of our connection with the Riverwood community. You can learn more about our educational program here.

The NSW Department of Education has assessed SDN Riverwood against the National Quality Standard, and our centre is rated as ‘Exceeding the National Quality Standard’.
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Our families say...
“SDN Riverwood is a warm, encouraging, interesting environment for my child to learn, grow, play and interact with others.”

“I have the undivided attention of staff when I share a concern and be sure of their prompt attention as well as being kept informed of how it is going. I love the opportunity to speak to my child’s key-educator at pick up time.”

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Nutrition and mealtimes

We provide children with a variety of healthy foods, and cater for children with allergies and intolerances

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Child-led Education

Four elements that shape our educational program

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Outdoor Spaces

Our outdoor spaces inspire exploration and discovery, risk taking and creativity.

Centre History

SDN Riverwood History

The traditional owners of the Riverwood area are the Bediagal People. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the area around Salt Pan Creek was a site of refuge and activism for Aboriginal Australians displaced from their own land.

Known as Herne Bay from European settlement up until 1957 when it was renamed Riverwood, the suburb was home to a military hospital barracks during World War II, the United States Army’s 118th General Hospital. After the war, in March 1946, the barracks became the Herne Bay Housing Settlement – part of the NSW Housing Commission’s postwar housing solution. With families now living in the wooden army huts, SDN was asked to open a nursery school at the settlement.

The Herne Bay Nursery School officially opened on 20 January 1947 in a converted army hut. The nursery school provided much needed education and care, medical and nutrition advice, and a hot meal every day for children from two years old to school age. Now known as SDN Riverwood, the centre relocated to its current location at the end of 1974.

Since its beginnings, SDN Riverwood has undergone many changes and has always maintained and reflected a strong connection with the families of this vibrant and diverse community.

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