The ndis process
1. Check your child's eligibility
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For parents of children aged 7 and older, the first step to getting funding under the NDIS is to check your child’s eligibility. Your child’s eligibility will depend on a few factors. Your child and your family will need to be in a location where the NDIS is available, meet residency requirements, and meet either the disability or early intervention requirements.

Go to the NDIS Access Checklist to take you through all the access requirements.

2. Complete an Access Request form
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If your child is eligible, phone the NDIA on 1800 800 110 to request an Access Request form.

This form provides the NDIA with the information they need to work out determine whether your child will receive an individualised NDIS plan.
As part of completing your Access Request form, take some time to gather information and documentation that you have collected that creates a picture of your child’s needs. This could include:

  • Records of appointments and treatment that your child has undertaken with specialists such as their occupational therapists, or speech pathologists
  • Assessments that your child has undergone
  • Reports and plans from your child’s child care centre or school
  • Your family’s diary of milestones in relation to your child’s development
  • Any goals that you have set or you and your child have set together and how you are progressing on those goals
3. Meet with the NDIA for a planning session
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 If the NDIS approves your request, you will meet with an NDIA planner or a Local Area Co-ordinator (LAC).  This is when assessment and planning for your child’s plan begins. You’ll talk through the needs and goals for your child and discuss the support and services to meet them.  Prior to this session, you may want to consider the things you’d like to talk about in the meeting. For example, have a think about what you imagine for your child’s life, now and in the future. Have a chat with your child about what his dreams are for his life. Then consider what type of help your child may need to reach their aspirations. Talk to your family and any other carers who are supporting you and your child to see what may be missing and what could really help to make a difference in your child’s quality of life and sense of belonging.  Planning could take more than one session, and you can bring an advocate with you, such as a family member, a close friend or even one of your child’s existing specialists.  SDN can provide pre-planning support for you and family, contact us for more information or click here.

4. Review your plan and make changes if needed
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Following your meeting with the NDIA planner or LAC, a draft plan with funding provision is developed. You will have an opportunity to review and make changes in subsequent meetings with your planner or LAC.

Finalise your plan and choose a provider
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Once your plan is finalised and approved by the NDIA, you can then choose a provider such as SDN to provide the services and put the plan into action.

 NDIS process diagram


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