We are committed to providing the best possible support for your family. We know from research that for children under eight years old, the best form of therapy is a ‘collaborative team’ approach which focuses on the priorities of your child.

Our way of working means you have access to a range of therapists, but therapy is delivered in a personalised way through one qualified professional called your key worker. We’ll match your family with a key worker who best suits your needs and they’ll be the one delivering your child’s therapy. Sometimes, another member of the team who specialises in a certain area can come to you and help with a specific task that’s needed, like an assessment or learning a specific skill.

You and your key worker

Your family will have a qualified professional key worker who will be your main point of contact and will work in partnership with your family.


Your key worker is part of a collaborative team of professionals, working to support you and your child. This team is fully involved in your child’s support and care, but it is your key worker that your family will see most often.

The team may include a teacher, social worker, psychologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and speech pathologist.

Your key worker will help you and your child learn new skills.

Your key worker will consult with, and pass the knowledge of the team onto you and your family so you can continue to teach your child the things they want to learn, even when your key worker isn’t around.

Sometimes, if required for a specific need like a specialist assessment, your key worker can bring in another professional from the team to see you and your child.

Your key worker will even connect you with resources and other services in your community. This can be information resources or connecting you with local groups, services, events and activities that relate to your family and child’s goals and interests.

Why a collaborative team?

  • This approach is simple, saves you time and reduces stress
  • Your family is involved in the whole process of decision making, planning and therapy
  • Our highly skilled professionals may include Speech pathologists, Occupational therapists, Social workers, Physiotherapists and Teachers. The team works together collaboratively — they share their knowledge with each other so you get even more expertise and a fuller picture of how to help your child
  • Together, they’ll bring you the best ideas, tools and strategies for your child
  • Our therapy works in with your regular routine in the places where you spend most of your time. We know that children learn best in settings that feel natural and familiar so your key worker will visit you at home, day care, school, the local park, at a sporting activity, or even at the shops
  • We will also help you develop new techniques that you can use every day to help build your child’s skills and confidence so they can participate in the activities they choose, even when we aren’t around


Meet Annie and Harry

Annie is a single mum with two children. When we first met her, she was trying to work out how to fit in all the appointments she thought she needed for her 9 year old son, Harry. Harry needed physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology, and Annie also wanted him to do an extra-curricular, like swimming or music.

“Every child deserves a chance to do activities that they love and I can’t let Harry miss out on doing fun things, just because he also needs to go to a lot of appointments as well,” Annie told us.

Annie would have needed to take him to four appointments every week, which would mean lots of different faces for Harry to get used to, and lots of appointments to remember. We paired her with a key worker named Karen (read more...)
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“Harry’s learning new things every week, he’s a lot happier and it’s easier only having one appointment to remember each week.” Harry’s mum

“Going to the playground with Ally isn’t as stressful now. It’s made such a difference in our lives.” Ally’s mum

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