If your child is struggling to communicate or to understand others many experiences, like being in school or an early education and care setting, can feel very overwhelming.

SDN’s professional teams, which include child development specialists and speech pathologists, are experienced at working with children who experience challenges communicating with others.

Your child is unique and will have unique goals, strengths and weaknesses. So we start by getting to know your child, building up a picture of their strengths and the areas they need to develop to meet their goals.

Once we have a full understanding of your child we will provide them with appropriate communication supports like Visuals, Key word signs or using augmented communication devices like Proloquo2Go. We will help them to use these supports in the places that they live, play and learn so they can begin to fully to participate and interact with others.

Because our therapists work in a transdisciplinary team, you have access to the type of support your child will need, as they need it. We will make the most of SDN’s diverse team of professional occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists and early childhood specialists, utilising their s expertise when your child needs it most.

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